Spring 2017
Hello Olga
Thank you very much for the beautiful Fuscia Knit. I love it and it’s a good fit too. Many thanks again.... Best wishes

Debbie (Moss)

Spring 2017
Fall 2017
Unique and beautiful garments. Happy I came across this lie at the Glebe Art in the Park!

Customer feedback

Spring 2017
Fall 2019
Thank you for letting us take shelter from the storm.... but you did get 2 sales🙂. Your designs are very unique. Thank you. Safe travels home to Maple.


Fall 2019
Fall 2019
Hi Olga,
Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE the black linen skirt that I bought from you at Signatures here in Ottawa this winter. I had previously purchased two of your long sleeveless bamboo dresses (black and grey) at the Glebe show a couple of summers ago. And will you have the bamboo dresses in more colours as well?


Fall 2019
Fall 2019
Olga is an amazing woman and Artist. Love her work!! Can't wait to wear my new piece.

Customer feedback

Fall 2019
Happy New Year!

Linen Skirt - best for any season

Linen is the best material for any season. It is also my favourite.

It is comfortable, and chic. It requires little care and no ironing at all.

I have created a linen skirt, which you can wear with leggings and boots.

Irresistible material and irresistible design! :))

Olga G.

Boho Dress

This year, star stylists confidently say: “To celebrate autumn, you should choose in the style of boho!”

Boho is romance, femininity, convenience, creativity, versatility and the very feeling of freedom.
This style increases the army of its admirers every year.

The characteristic feature of this fabric is that it stretches equally well in any direction. It is also light and warm and will keep you pleasantly comfortable.

Olga G.

Laila Sweater

What is autumn?
- For some,  autumn is the sky reflected in puddles.
- For others, autumn is the time for cold weather and hot tea.
- For artists - it's time for inspiration and a variety of fall colors.
- For romantics, autumn is a walk along the paths of parks.

And for the real fashionistas, autumn is a time to replenish the wardrobe and search for new styles.

Olga G.

Harem Pants with Lili Jacket

Harem pants are the coziest and most luxurious feeling pants that you would ever experience wearing. If you want to rock a casual, everyday look these are the pants for you.

They would not disappoint you, and once you put them on you would never be able to wear a different pair of pants again.

You can wear them with many different Tops, but the Lili Jacket and belt combo looks the best together with them.

Olga G.
Olga G. Knits Studio is located in Maple (north of Toronto), ON, Canada