Spring 2017
Hi Olga,
I see on your website that you will be at a show in Bracebridge in July. I have bought of a couple of pieces from you in the past, which continue to be favorites. Will I need to make a trip to Maple if I want to add to my collection? Warmly,


Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Hello Olga:
I attended the Originals Show in Ottawa today. I bought the lovely Summer Jacket in a soft beige (with a hint of peach). I am so happy to add it to my fashion. Can you please make me a Black Summer Jacket in size small? Looking forward to seeing you in June to browse your collection and to purchase my Summer Jacket. It was a pleasure meeting you today! Sincerely,


Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Hello, Olga!
I purchased a boiled wool 3/4 jacket at the Ottawa Christmas show at the EY centre. I bought the pale grey-mauve one with a double collar and a button. I love it. Do you have others? Maybe black, burgundy, navy. Not sure of the size but it is either M or L


Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Hello Olga,
I am a big fan of your work and have seen you a number of times at Fair November in Guelph. I love your designs!!!


Spring 2017
Spring 2017
Dear Olga,
I bought one of your loose knit sweater wraps and have enjoyed wearing it. It has stretched out of shape and I seem to recall you saying that washing it will tighten it up again and regain shape. What are the washing instructions to do this?


Fall 2016
Spring 2017
Just letting you know, I love the black jumper I bought at Kempenfest. Yours was the last booth we visited, and after seeing you in the orange jumper, I knew that was just the type of outfit I love. The black was the perfect choice. I am getting lots of compliments on it and will enjoy it a lot.


Spring 2017
With sadness, I had to cancel two upcoming shows: Picton on August 3rd and Barrie on August 5th See more ...
Happy New Year!

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Double sided
"inside out” collection

This summer I decided to focus on the colour. I wanted to bring richer appearance to my collection and add some fresh innovation as well.

I created your favourite pieces with two different shades of a colour inside and outside to brings  depth  for the look and an opportunity to wear them reverse (inside out) according to your desire and mood.

Olga G.
New Season collection

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In this blog, I write things related to my art, life, and leisure that I find interesting. And I hope you will find them interesting as well. For example, isn’t it exciting to know that ‘blog’ originated from ‘weblog’ in 1990s?  

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