How To Wear?

Olga G. Knits Studio presents a number of videos "How to?".


Archeologist believe that scarfs were first used as a costume jewelry in China more than 2,000 years ago. Since then, they have always been regarded as an item of distinction, a regalia worn to mark someone’s authority and social status. Among the most famous scarf-lovers were the Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Louis XIV. Beethoven didn’t imagine his own personality without a scarf. This is how we see our beloved scarfs today - they are an expression of individuality and feminine beauty! This video shows different ways of wearing a Feminine Beauty Summer Scarf - my new exclusive accessory.

Patch Jacket

Original design of knitted sweater "Patch Jacket", which can be weared in normal way and upside down.


Wrap is a favourite of my collection “Magic of Lacy Knitting”. It is designed for ladies who like to wrap themselves and who appreciate the comforting feeling of a gentle hug. The main feature of the Wrap is its soft flexible texture created by a web of delicate loops. The Wrap can be worn in a number of different ways. Its versatility provides a lot of room for imagination! In these videos, I show you some ways to wear the Wrap, but remember that the best way to make your personality shine out is to actively engage in the creative process yourself. You can find your own unique way of wearing the Wrap. Be creative, be smart, be beautiful! In other words, be yourself!

Summer Jacket

Summer Jacket is my bestselling style. This season, I designed a new version of Summer Jacket. This upgraded version keeps all advantages of the previous generations, such as an elegant and natural shape, a soft and comfortable feel, and (not the least) an economic price. New features of the Summer Jacket include a stylish lacy decoration on the front and a classy short collar. As all Summer Jackets, Summer Jacket 2016 can be worn in a number of different ways. So, you are not buying just one jacket! You are adding to your wardrobe a collection of exclusive items, each of which can create a unique luxurious look for your special or everyday outfit.

How to wear LiLi Jacket?

"You have just bought a LiLi Jacket and you are not sure how to wear it? I prepared this tutorial to help you! The following  will show you how a LiLi Jacket can be worn in a number of different ways."

Olga G.
New Season collection

Open Front

You can wear your LiLi Jacket as a loosely fitting jacket open on the front.

Closed Front

If you feel a little breeze or enter a store with merciless AC, you can completely close your LiLi Jacket on the front.
New Season collection
New Season collection


Have you suddenly changed your mind deciding you’d rather wear a sweater than a jacket? You can easily transform your LiLi Jacket into a LiLi Sweater wearing it backwards.

Upside Down

A funky way to wear your LiLi Jacket is upside down. This look transforms your Jacket into a bolero and allows you to reveal the design of your dress, blouse, or T-shirt.
New Season collection